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Why Darling Bolt

Because we stock only the highest quality fasteners available in the industry today. 

We at Darling Bolt Company believe that all hex cap screws are not manufactured of equal quality. The Darling trademark is a guarantee to our customers that each shipment conforms to our high-quality standards.

Our commitment to quality is not limited to hex head cap screws. The same high standards are applied to all Darling Bolt products.

Highest Quality

DB on Darling Bolt 12-point flange screws is your assurance of quality and traceability.

To service unusual requirements of the fastener industry Darling has developed an extended thread length program. We stock hex cap screws and socket cap screws with extended thread length to allow us to cut to a specified length and still maintain minimum thread length tolerances. Our “instant” special can satisfy your immediate short-term requirements. For repetitive and our large volume items, Darling Bolt will stock and release to your requirements.


Service at Darling has always meant dedicating ourselves to fulfilling our customers’ wide range of needs. Service is belief in our products, our customers and ourselves. Whatever your requirements are, the need for quality and dependability is ever present. Equally important is the fact that our pricing policy is attractively competitive. Service is as close as your phone. Call today for immediate shipment of orders or inventory information. Darling Bolt will usually stock your requirements in specials or standards, large or small volume.


Another priority at Darling is to maintain traceability of our products. this is accomplished through lot seperation and manufacturer identification systems on the heads of our bolts. This system allows us to trace the bolts to the manufacturer, and directly back to the steel mill. All products supplied by Darling Bolt, whether hex cap screw or socket cap screw, can be furnished with full chemical and physical certifications.

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